The Conundrum
The Sightings

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"There are no coincidences"

You know those little things that show up in the show that seem to connect with something else. Or those sightings with the number 11. I'll start to list all those coincidences here.

11 popups

Sara works in the 11th percinct
Sara got the witchblade on November eleventh. 11/11.
Sara has saved Danny's life 11 times.
111 faust street is were Sara confronted Christina (Is'nt this Kenneth's old address?)
The last numbers of Ian Nottingham's social security number 1111
When Lazar walks by with the clock it reads 11:11
When Gabriel is fixing the pocket watch it reads 11:11
Mac Tone in the episode "Static" is pushed to his death from 11 stories up
In the past four years there have been 111 suicide jumpers

Rings NeverEnd

Kenneth Irons scar is two circles lapping over each other.
Wired Orb is were a murder happened in the episode "Emergence"
In the begining of the episode "Agape" the two partiers have a stamp of two circles over lapping on there hand
The Mobius strip when it gets twisted and looped it becomes neverending infinty hence the circle

Conundrum of words and images

In "Consectatio" Sara is wearing a shirt with Conchobar's symbol on it (a character from the previous season)
When Sara asks Vicky to do a carbon test on the witchblade the result comes back and Vicky tells Sara "This is a conundrum" Conundrum is the title of a episode from season one
Gabriel tells Sara "the fact is there is too many convergences too many coincidences" Convergence is a episode from season one
Conchobar's symbol is on the singer Mac Tones shirt in the begining of "Static"
Saras hand that the Witchblade is on twitches and the comment that Gabriel mabe before was "Where's the Twitchblade?"
Sara mentions that last time Gabriel couldn't wait to get his hands on the Witchblade last time. Last time was last season and Sara reversed time.
Sara mentions the drum set the used to belong to Keith More that Gabriel gave her last season
You see Ians hand in front of the fire then you see Anna grangers hand in front of the tv.
Lorelei jumps to her death and we see Sara falling back onto her bed with Static in the background at the same time
Lorelei, Sara, and Anna all hear voices
Mac Tone's poster at his wake says The Son of Conchobar
Sara says we will hunt this killer down and we will bring her to justice, before she even knew who the killer was
Annas hand twitches as she listens to her tv, just like saras hand twitched earlier